"Virtual Dream surely are one of the most interesting fusion bands in Italy. With "Casuality" they confirm themselves as one of the most original and interesting bands..."

(Reviewed by Mario Giammetti on JAM Magazine No.86 October 2002)

"Crafted with passion. From the quality of the recording up to the package, which shows by a series of nocturnal visions anticipating the "dark" atmosphere of the album."

(Reviewed by Mauro Campobasso on AXE Magazine No. 69 September 2002)

"Incredible sounds and ideas make "Casuality" a one-off album, absolutely a must for fusion enthusiasts while remaining an excellent choice for the not-so-in-deep listener."

(Reviewed by Ian Ravenhood for www.elettroacustico.it on November 2002)

"Casuality contains nine amazing instrumental tracks plus three solo tracks showing the ability of the musicians. Virtual Dream like to play good music without any stylistic limitation, meeting all the requirements to gather attention even from the States, where these refined sounds are well appreciated."

(Reviewed by Paolo Ansali for www.musicalnews.com on November 2002)

"Even if the musicians are technically unexeptionable, "Casuality" is not a mere technical showcase: the twelve tracks on the album represent a good example of technical knowledge in favour of music... good ol'fusion!"

(Reviewed by Carlo Crudele for www.musicboom.it on October 2002)



"Great sound and style for this promising fusion trio.
Solid rythm section and pay attention.... (and ear....) to the guitarist!"

Futura Music No.2

"Cult band of the national fusion scene"

Trovaroma Magazine

"Music without boundaries, with energy and originality,
where progressive, jazz-rock and improvisation find the right place."

Musica (Newspaper)

"...the presence of lyrical themes unveils a complete harmonic knowledge, while "Hinsanwinla" recalls something of UZEB fame, with its soft atmospheres, rythmically increasing toward the end of the song. The album's last song "Hop Frog" is extremely swinging - and sad in the right way; during all its 10 minutes the composition is realy well arranged and the improvised parts sound great!"

(Reviewed by Jurij Ricotti for AXE Guitar Magazine June 1998)

"...as result: music with an unbordered horizon, steady, lyrical and intense, never common during the execution nor emotively easy. Ten songs spacing from improvisation to rational and detailed composition of musical spaces, without losing the required energy. Over the jazz-rock borders."

Time-Out No.17 (1999)

"Virtual Dream interest us with a kind of Fusion filled with elegant renderings."

Music Box No.7-8

"The band led by Fabio Cerrone, one of the most interesting and capable musicians from the last breed of italian guitarists, presents its own original repertoire which clearly recalls the jazz-rock masterpieces, played with technique and delightful taste as well as energy and modern harmonic resolutions."

La Repubblica (An italian newspaper)