The title of the new cd is "Three sides of a coin", audio files will be posted soon on the cd section!!



We didn't update this page for a while, because each member of the band has been involved with lots of different projects, but we've finished the recordings of the new cd that will be out soon on Schoots records!



Virtual Dream has a myspace page, check it out on www.myspace.com/virtualdreamband!!



www.fabiocerrone.com the official website of guitarist Fabio Cerrone is now on line!!



Virtual Dream has started the recording of the new cd, stay tuned for upcoming news!!!


27-01-2004 Live update:

Virtual Dream will be playing live with the Carl Palmer band at Stazione Birra in Morena (Rome) March-11-2004.

Via Placanica 172 Morena sud. Info Tel. 06/79845959


20-01-2004 Live update:

Virtual Dream will be playing at Qube in Rome, January-22-2004

Roma, via di Portonaccio 212. info: tel. 06/43587454


19-01-2004 update:

Fabio Cerrone is officially the new guitarist of Twin Dragons! The powerful Rock-Blues band of singer-bassist Nathaniel Peterson has just finished part of the Italian tour and is actually recording a new album... check it out!!!

31-10-2003 Live update:

Virtual Dream will be playing as special guest during the Ozric Tentacles concert in Rome.

November -27-03- Villaggio Globale - Teatro Spazio Boario -Lungotevere di Testaccio-

Tickets 6 euro.

30-10-2003 New Endorsement:

Fabio Cerrone is a new G&L guitar endorser! Fabio is currently playing a beautiful blueburst Comanche model. Check out the G&L website!

Gigs Update!

November -1-03 - 360 Gradi - via degli Equi - Rome -

November - 18 - 03 - Big Mama - vicolo S.Francesco a Ripa 18. For info and bookings tel- 06/5812551

January -22- 04 - at Qube - Roma -, via di Portonaccio 212. For info tel- 06/43587454


July-5-03- Monterotondo Jazz Festival - Piscina Comunale Monterotondo -

Via dello Stadio ore 21 - tickets euro 3 -


News May-5-2003

Fabio Cerrone's Guitar Clinics:

"Guitar Improvisation" May-10-2003 & May-30-2003 5:00 pm.

at Cherubini Music Institute, Roma - Via Tiburtina 364.

For info tel- 06/4394155


Gigs Update! Mar-28-2003

Virtual Dream will be performing:

Mar-11-2003 at Big Mama - Roma -, vicolo S.Francesco a Ripa 18. For info and bookings tel- 06/5812551

Mar-27-2003 at Qube - Roma -, via di Portonaccio 212. For info tel- 06/43587454

Mar- 30-2003 at Big Mama - Roma -, vicolo S.Francesco a Ripa 18. For info and bookings tel- 06/5812551

Apr-19-2003 at Wake Up - Pescara -

News Jan-12-2003

Drummer Lucrezio De Seta, is going to answer your questions on Jan-21-2003.

You can join the chat on http://www.planet-drum.com/ (Italian, english) from 9:30 to 10:30 P.M. GMT+1

News Jan-01-2003

Happy new year to our visitors!!

News Dec-12-2002

"Casuality" is now on-line in the recording section.

News Dec-02-2002

Glad to announce that "Casuality" has been preferred by our visitors during November. The recording from the band's latest concert will be posted during this week - enjoy!

Thanks for voting, final results posted.

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News Nov-14-2002

Added a graph near the poll. It will be updated on a daily basis.

Thanks for voting, final results will be posted on Dec-01-02 after the poll ends.

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News Nov-12-2002

New site on-line & up to date.

Many new sections added, take a look at the navigation bar here on the left and explore the pictures and updated media section. You will find all the internet sites we know of that are selling on-line the latest album "Casuality" by browsing the "cd's" section of this site.

Virtual dream will be playing on March, 27 2003 @ "The Qube" in Rome. Thanks to the staff of "Radio Rock" there is a possibility of internet broadcasting for this concert - we'll keep you posted about this and other facts that might come up.

Virtual Dream guitarist has been interviewed by elettroacustico.it - we'll update the full article as soon as possible (seems it contains some transcriptions from "Casuality").

...and don't forget to vote for the next live sample to download from our "Media" section!!