Virtual Dream was formed in 1994 . In the same year the line-up (Fabio Cerrone on guitars, Francesco Fracassi on drums and Andrea Galluzzi on bass) records a song: “Rapa Nui” which is published in a CD compilation by the monthly magazine “Futura Music” and, thanks to a demo-tape broadcasted on a regular basis by some local radio stations, Virtual Dream begins to gain attention from the public. In the same year the band starts playing a long series of live gigs – with two important concerts broadcasted national-wide by Video Music – as well as being the opening act for Brand X during their Italian tour.
In 1997 Virtual Dream records the debut album “Sintesi” , introduced during “Help” (by Red Ronnie) with a national-wide television broadcast by TMC2 .

All the work allows the band to gain the right attention from specialized music magazines as well as some great musicians like Pierre Moerlen (Gong) and Percy Jones (Brand X) whose appreciated the style and the technical ability of the band. The album managed to get attention worldwide and the “Fusenet” newsgroup voted “Sintesi” among the best 20 fusion albums of the nineties .

Along with the debut album, some CD compilations are issued featuring two songs rearranged by Virtual Dream: “One telephone call/Street scenes" by Miles Davis and “Drive My Car” by the Beatles . In 1999 there’s the first change in the line-up with the bass player Pierpaolo Ranieri , while the band continues to play extensively supporting the first album. For a brief period of time, Pierpaolo Ferroni works with the band by playing drums while Fabio Cerrone and Pierpaolo Ranieri, having found the right artistic direction, got working together on new songs.

After different contacts with some music labels, and the joining of Lucrezio de Seta on drums, Virtual Dream starts to arrange and record the new material. During June 2002 the second album “CASUALITY” - featuring Alessandro Gwis (keyboards and samplers), Alessandro Tomei (sax) and Mario Distaso (percussions) as additional musicians – is released. The sound of the new album is also characterized by the use of Pierpaolo Ranieri bass loops, Fabio’s keyboard programming and Lucrezio’s virtual drums and percussions on some throughout the various tracks.

In the same period, a new CD compilation is issued featuring “Frengo” – a Virtual Dream previously unreleased track.
The three musicians worked on different projects during the last two years but finally they will release the new cd “Three sides of a coin” in February 2007 and start to support it playing live!


1994 - Futura Music n.2 - "Rapanui" (F. Cerrone)
1997 - VIRTUAL DREAM Progressivamente – “one telephone call / street scenes” (Miles Davis)
1998 - VIRTUAL DREAM Beatlesmania – “Drive my car” (Lennon – Mc Cartney)
1998 - VIRTUAL DREAM “Sintesi” – GMP004 – Forum Progressivamente
2002 - VIRTUAL DREAM “Casuality” – VR-07 Virtuoso Records/Audioglobe
2004 - VIRTUAL DREAM "Progressivamente 1973-2003" - "Frengo"
2007 - VIRTUAL DREAM “Three sides of a coin” – Schoots records